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Hey guys, we are two students who enjoy playing video games!
We test lots of multiplayer game, especially co-op games!
In the past 4 years we tryed every "famous" multyplayer game, and we fount many ways to play these games online: Steam, Gameranger, Tunngle, Comodo.
Unfortunatly we fount tons of bad guides, made by people who only wanted to sponsor their VPN.
So now we started writing guides that actually works(every game is tested by us) and we are also setting up a Facebook page, a Youtube channel and lots of new stuff!
We hope you'll enjoy this!
If u want, feel free to leave a comment to help us improve, and don't forget to join our page/channel to stay tuned for the most recent guides!

Last modified on Wednesday, 22 May 2013 09:04
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