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H1Z1 preview: the DayZ killer?

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What's H1Z1?
H1Z1 is an MMO game that allows players to take on the role of an apocalypse survivor who is in a world filled with zombies.

It will be free-to-play, and there will be a system of microtransactions.
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How is this microtransactions system working?

Is H1Z1 the classic pay-to-win game? That would suck. Sony deny that in a post on reddit:
"We will NOT be selling Guns, Ammo, Food, Water... i.e. That's kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that." 
Looks like they are going to sell wearable items in addition to those that can be found and crafted in the game, nothing that can change the game experience or improve player skill.

Differences between H1Z1 and Dayz

  1. Players have many different ways to survive against zombie
  2. Players can build structures, towns, and forts
  3. Third person view won't give you an advantage by having line of sight over obstacles
  4. Vehicles are third person only
  5. Players can craft and trade items (weapons, arrows, ..)
Smed say
  1. This will be a F2P game (after early access). During early access it's going to cost $19.99 to play.
  2. We are not interested in selling weapons. Weapons are only aquired by crafting or exploring and finding one. We are not selling power.
  3. The game at it's core is about survival. Our preference is not to sell ANYTHING that can help with that. If this game is too hard for you play another one. We don't want to give shortcuts for our core mechanic.
  4. Wearables - we DO see wearables as an obvious "heck yes" kind of thing. I think it's perfectly reasonable to have most wearables be purchaseable. Of course we will still have plenty to craft, find and wear for free.
  5. We made this game because we love making games and entertaining our players is why we exist. That being said, we do need to make money. Your ideas are appreciated greatly but if we can avoid the "hey give us everything for free because you owe it to us since you're a big company and we should get free games" commentary it would help a lot.
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