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DayZ Epoch lan

Written by  Dayz Epoch
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Survive, build your own camp!


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This is a great mod, they take dayz and improve the experience: you have to suorvive and you can build your city, there are money trades faction!
It's playable player vs environment (PvsE) or PR-PvP

If you are interested we are looking for a writer [info here]


Arma 2 Operation Orrowhead

How to

  1. Updtate the game to v 1.62 (to get update like us on fb)
  2. Get the last beta patch
  3. Download the mod here
  4. Exctract it on arma 2 main dir
  5. Join you favorite vpn (Comondo unite or tunngle)
  6. Play the game
  7. Multiplayer
  8. On the left bottom set lan.
  9. Join any game
  10. Enjoy!


On expansions enable dayz epoch mod


  1. Get the server here
  2. extract it on arma 2 maindir
  3. configure hiveExt.ini with your database (mysql)
  4. start the server with the included bach file (only chernarus map is included)

Help Question & answer

  1. If you cannot pach open cmd -> regedit and go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA] and set your game main dir
  2. Fo bad cd key, wrond id, wrong id mach, wrong guid get config file attached to this page, it should fix all server side issue
  3. If the issue persist block outbound udp port 29910
  4. Change your game key 
by Ronfante

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