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DayZ Standalone lan

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DayZ Standalone

How to

  1. Like us on fb)
  2. Go to multiplayer
  3. On the right top set lan.
  4. You can force connection by set ip on "remote"
  5. Join or host any game
  6. Enjoy!


Complete guide here
To make a working server with save you will need:

  • This package (second post)
  • A webserver like apache
  • One database (es mysql)
  • A script to handler the request (php) 

Now we start wit the setup:
  1. Exract the server package into dayz standalone folder
  2. Enable modRewrite on Apache
  3. Put this .htaccess into your apache target folder (like DayzServlet)
  4. With navicat or phpmyadmin create this table:
  5. `characters` with 2 column's like `uid` , `data`
  6. Put this php file  remove .txt into the target folder (DayzServlet)
  7. Finally add on your host file dz.bistudio.com ( is your apche webserver ip if local)

Help Question & answer

  No major bug dedected now you can also save.


by Ronfante

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