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DayZ Standalone lan server guide

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Here there is a complete tutorial for hosting you private
dayz standaolone server on lan with saves , and common issue fix.
Update 12 may 2014
We are making a new guide with all the hotfix, like vehicles ecc, check pirateplay every weeks for news, you will find all here

Thanks to community.

Tutorial on how to host dayz standalone server with saves(Private hive)
  • Dayz standalone version 0.28-43 (you still to have to use 0.28 exe)
  • File pack 1 (if structure don't mach)
  • Server file

The structure of you game should look like this
Main folder DayZ
Inside DayZ folder you have these files.
  • ⦁ _CommonRedist
  • ⦁ Addons (folder)
  • ⦁ dayzea.ChernarusPlus (folder will be created once you launch the server)
  • ⦁ dll (folder)
  • ⦁ dta (folder)
  • ⦁ modulesDayZ (folder)
  • ⦁ MpMissions (folder)
  • ⦁ LumaEmu.config
  • ⦁ basic.cfg
  • ⦁ server.cfg
  • ⦁ Steam2WrapperLauncher.exe
  • ⦁ Steam.dll
  • ⦁ steam_api.dll
  • ⦁ steamclient.dll
  • ⦁ steam_appid.txt
  • ⦁ tbb.dll
  • ⦁ tbbmalloc.dll
  • ⦁ ClientRegistry.blob
  • ⦁ proxyexport.bin (Optional - This file gets generated when you first run DayZ- Once this has been
  • generated you can use pbo manager for editing. If that true , unpack dayzea.ChernarusPlus from MpMissions, open init.sqf
  • and comment this line
  • //exportProxies [_position,200000];
  • //setDate getSystemTime; //This is for daytime only
  • Repack the file, and replace dayzea.ChernarusPlus in MpMissions folder with the new one u just created.

Configuartion of Dayz standolone server
  • The downloaded files inside dayzhfiles folder are:
  • dayzfiles folder - EXTRACT all files inside this folder ON YOUR DAYZ GAME FOLDER
  • mysql - is just the name of the folder - mysql folder includes two file (The DayZServlet folder and dayz.sql file)
  • DayZServlet FOLDER - COPY THIS ON C:\wamp\www

Once u download these files open dayzhfiles folder, next open dayzfiles folder and extract all files to your DayZ folder game. All files are ready to use. Now open your DayZ folder, right click on dayz.exe and select create shortcut. Right click on your shortcut and click properties and on Target after \dayz.exe copy this..
  1. -server -port=2302 -config=server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -profiles=dayzea.ChernarusPlus

and press apply.

For port - you can select any port - but remember that the port must be forwarder so people can connect to it. Go on your router and find port forward section, after add the port that you want and save or apply setting on the router.
Next Open server.cfg in dayz folder and change the name of the server and password etc. This is Optional.
For player name open LumaEmu.conf and change - PlayerName = yourname

Setting up apache server 

You need to download wamp server for windows.

Once you download it install the wamp server.
After you have installed ,open it. Once the wamp has been started click on the tray at the bottom on your windows, click on wamp icon and open www directory. On there copy the DayZServlet folder from mysql folder provided in downloads and paste it there.
It should look like this after u done that.


Now click on the tray at the bottom and click wamp server and open phpMyadmin, press ok. If it ask for login type root, there is no password. Press go.
Now click on Database and create new one. On Create database type dayz, and for collation select utf8_general_ci , then press create. After the database has been created, click on it once and on the right click import, select browse and open dayz.sql that has been provided in downloads in mysql folder and press go. After it's finished importing - close it.
Now click on the tray at the bottom and click wamp server , select Apache and select httpd.conf , open it.
Things you need to be aware in this file and be changed. Some settings have to be enabled , if they are #comented, just remove the #.Find and uncomment only these or edit if they are not commented.
  1. Listen 80 // optional
  2. LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
  3. LoadModule ssl_module modules/
  4. DocumentRoot "c:/wamp/www"
  5. <Directory "c:/wamp/www">
  6. AllowOverride All
  7. Order allow,deny
  8. Allow from all
  9. </Directory>

Save what you have edited and close the file. Done.

Restart the computer after you have completed.


Now you have your private a hive. Have fun.
If you need help please let me know.

Guide by ssddayz

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